Why I took a break from Emillie and Harlow

I thought about writing you an essay to help explain my two-year break from Emillie and Harlow, but the answer is a short one: I lost the love of my life, and it tore me apart - both emotionally and mentally.
Taking a break from Emillie and Harlow was not an easy decision because the shop was growing, and I felt like I was abandoning everyone: my tribe and the organizations that we were supporting.
In the end, I knew that in order to serve you better, I had to take care of myself - mind, body, and spirit.
So here we are some 2.5 years later, ready to come back with a brand new look, ready to serve you, ready to fight and create a better tomorrow for Mother Nature and her Hurting Children collectively.

P.S. Thank you to all of you who have kept in touch during these last two years; it truly means the world to me. I love you.

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